Dogs dressing tips

Dogs, especially those who live with owners must be dressed, because only in this way they will learn what they have to and respect their owner.

Dressage can’t be done by anyone, very few owners are able to do it, so our advice is to come with your dog at our consulting services about dressage and in this way you can find the best program and tamer for your dog.

Many dogs can’t be learned by their owners what to do, where and when, because they didn’t know how to do it and what it implies.

Our tamers have a lot of achieved courses for dressage, they have a lot of experience and they constantly go to new programs to learn new things!

If you let them show you what they can do, you will not regret that your dog was in our hands!

We will teach your dog to response to various requirements, to do what you ask him and when you ask him, how to protect you and the house he lives in, how to be the most loving dog and everything you want and need. You can also tell us what you want from us and we will do exactly those things.

In the same time, you must be present when the tamer starts the sessions with your dog to see how things works and what should you do after your dog finishes the program. Our tamer will also teach you what to do if you will be present.

The secret is that you have to give him different kind of rewards when he does the correct thing. But, you do not have to do this all the time, otherwise he will do what you ask only if he receives a reward.

He needs to be learned to do the correct things and giving him a reward you show him that he did it right! This is the purpose of it, not another one! If you try to do this at home, only by yourself, you risk to get him used with rewards!

At us, they will learn to response at different kind of sounds, gestures and anything you want. They will be treated kindly and with love because our tames are people that love dogs and they want only to work with them and nothing else.

You dog will love our team and will learn how to be friends with other dogs. You will see that after our program he will not try to get in a fight with other dog and make you problems, but he will want to be friend with them. Your dog will be angry only if he will see you in danger, because here we teach dogs how to protect their owners.

You can choose between different types of programs and courses, at different prices. We have offers for everyone and we will always be available to help you be a real friend with your dog! You need just love and patience!



Ensure that your property is safely checked

Gas and electricity

Those two are very important for you and you need to know how to use them.

When you want to do room share in UK or house share London you need to verify first if the house has everything in a good condition, especially the water, gas and electricity supplies.

The first step you need to do is to go in the kitchen and open the stove to see how the gas works. See if they have a company that supplies the house or they use a gas tank. You need to be sure that the house has insurance, because in case of some explosion you will have to pay the repairs. It is the landlord liability to do that, so be sure first that he did it.

After that you need to verify the electricity. Also, your landlord has to have insurance for this.

In both cases verify how much will cost you to pay the bills. In case you think that it is too much and you can spend less money on this, you can switch to another gas or electricity company. You have the right to do it and your landlord has to accept it.

First, talk to him and let him know what you want to do. After that, if you have other roommates or house mates talk to them and found out if they want to do it because you can’t do it if only you want it.

If they do not agree with you, you can speak with them and try to save money by turn off the light whenever you leave the house, unplug the TV or the computer when you do not use them or to make food for all of you when you do it, not many times a week.

You will not have to pay money if you want to switch to another company if you know how to do it.

For saving water you can close the tap during you shave or anything else that make you save some water to pay less the bills.

For the beginning, it can be hard to get used to it, but in a short time you will see that you feel like you did it all the time.

Everyone wants to pay less, so we are sure that your house mates will want to switch to a cheaper power, water or gas company if they are cheaper.

How much you save can seem to be too little now, but in a year you save money for a month of rent.

As a landlord who rent rooms in UK you should accept your tenants preferences if you can and if they have the right to do it. Otherwise, they will leave the house and they will not recommend you to others.

Doing house share UK or room share London is difficult when you want to make these choices because someone may do not agree with you. To not have problems like that you can access our website and find the best house mates for you that have the same behavior and preferences as you.

Find out more about the most trained animals

Each animal can be trained by an expert, no matter if he is a domestic or a wild one.

Dog are the most trained animals, but horses are almost on the same place.

Dressage is a hard thing and you need to be a real professional and animal lover to can do it. Most of the time the owners can’t be the person that train his dog. Why? Because they do not have this talent and without it you can do nothing!

If you can’t train it, you need to go with your dog at a trainer to teach him some actions.

The first one is to make him sit at your command. You need to have in your hand a treat. After that, you need to make him smell it. You need to do some specific movements with your hands in such a way that he will adopt the sitting position. To make him understand that he is sitting, you need to say „Sit” to him exactly in the moment he is in this position. It is a known thing that you need a treat to reward your down, so you need to give him the prize when he is sitting and start to show him some love or affection. Dogs’ response better at affection and reward than authority, so treat your dog with love and he will treat you the same! Of course, he will not learn your commands only after one time try. You need to repeat this action many times and each time you should give him a reward, to learn that he is doing this well. Once he learned, you need to continue to reward him, but not any time he is sitting at your command. But, despite rewarding him you can show him some love. If you treat him with affection you will get the result you want!

The second one is to make him come at you. For example, imagine that you are on the street and you dog start to walk alone during your talk with another person. If you are really in that conversation, you can to not observe when he walks away. In these moments, you really need to make him come back if you only give him that command. For this, you will need a collar and a leash. If you show him some respect and love, he will give to you the same thing! The best option is to show him that you two are at the same level and in the same time you must tell him to come at you. When you say to him to come, you have to pull the leash in a gentle way. In this way you show him what coming means. Of course, you need to repeat this action many times. Your dog can learn very hard, so you need to be patient. If you aren’t a patient person, our advice is to go with him at an expert.

The next important command is “stay”. The easiest way to make him listen to you is to associate words with gestures. So, the best way to make him listen to you is to open your palm and say “stay” in the same time. You can test if he stays, if you say to him to stay and after that you take some steps back. Do not forget that you need to have a lot of patience because any times you need a lot of time to make him listen to you. Also, do not forget to give him a reward and show him some affection. After days of training, you can try to see if he is listening to you. But, for such a short time you need to work with him many times a day and you need to not bore him with the same thing, so alternate all you want to teach him.

Another think that can be taught by you is to leave his preoccupation and come with you. For this, you also need some treats. You need two of them in both hands and you have to make him leave the treats. You need two different rewards. You need one you know he likes very much and one he didn’t like too much. After you let your dog see and play with them two, you need to put on the ground the one he likes less and let him analyze the second one.

If you show to your dog that you love him, he will love you back and he will respect and listen to you. But, first you need to establish a connection with your dog. No matter what race your dog is, the training is almost the same for any one of them. The difference is only between how you need to feed them and how much effort they need to do.

Dressage is only for talented persons that love animals more than themselves.

Why is important to train your dog?

You need to train your dog because if you want to have a good relationship with your dog, he must be trained. You can’t go out with him and be a real mess for the people that walk on the street. You can suffer too if you do not train your dog. Imagine that you walk with your dog and all at once your dog starts to be stirred and suddenly pull you with a great force because he sees something that attracts him. If you train him, you will say him to stay and he will stay. You will say him to leave it and he will leave it and so on. We are sure that you do not want to be in such a bad situation, so train him!

Single or Double room to rent? Find it on Room Hunters UK

Another vital concern for you is: I prepare to be an occupant or I need to be a lodger? You are the only one who understands if you can or not cope with others in the exact same location.

Look with attention at provided services as: watering, dishwashing machine, vacuum, iron, clothes dryer, a/c and others. If you actually wish to have them all and others included you have to ask initially the property owner, due to the fact that often times all these are not discussed in the advertisement.

Look thoroughly at cost and also look at photos, until you will call the property owner to be sure that it is exactly what you desire.

Being a room hunter in London will be often tough since you need to browse and discover something that fits your desires. If you are looking for double rooms to rent in UK may not be easy. Or you may prefer a single rooms to rent to save some more money. Make it simple, go and browse the web and discover a site committed to all room hunters from UK or find people who want to start off in the major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow. Student Flatshare means a group of students and individuals who wish to change their lives in a lovely and growing city, which is why they are quite many and confident that they will succeed.

Pay attention at…

Conditions of the proprietor since most of them have special rules, for instance: some proprietors do not permit you to introduce your home or space family pets and if you happen to own one and you do not focus at exactly what he states, you are in for problems.

Exactly what you can do and do not as renter or lodger in UK?

Space hunters in UK have numerous possibilities since it is an industry on the marketplace and property managers wish to lease their home or spaces from their home to obtain more cash. All kinds of spaces and homes are offered on the sites, so as a space hunter in London is difficult to not discover something that will meet your dreams. Browse on the site and discover exactly what you desire!

As a lodger you can have personal area, privacy and location simply for you without stressing over the other people (roommates). You also can even limit home entryway to your property owner. He is not enabled to go into in your house without your consent even if you are house or not.

Your proprietor is enabled to step in your leased home or space even if you do not desire it. A renter can lease simply a space from the whole home and live with other individuals like him, not with his property manager.

Citi Clean London

Professional House Cleaning by Citi Clean

Aren’t you sick and tired of cleaning the whole house by yourself? When relatives from another town or country come to you or when you throw a party while your parents are away, you have to clean the house both prior to their arrival and after their leaving. It is extremely tiring, but you have to keep a tidy and welcoming place. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you enter a house that has just been cleaned? You can practically see how your entire mood is changing. You are overwhelmed by happiness and you forget about everything that stresses you out; shortly, you are at peace with yourself.

Yet, there is still the problem with who does the housework. If you do not like cleaning the house at all, you may as well opt for a firm that would do it. The most responsible firm in UK is Citi Clean London. Cleaning in London can be especially daunting process as the city is very vibrant and many people skip the cleaning process. There are especially trained teams that would do everything you hate – clean off the dust, use the vacuum cleaner, wash the stairs or the walls and clean the bathroom. Why choose Citi Clean? Because they provide a great range of services and can be called at any day time. Depending on your needs, you can choose from spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, urgent cleaning, domestic cleaning or just carpet cleaning.

Have you thrown a party you parents should not know about?

Call Citi Clean and have the house cleaner than before. Are you living with rent and decided it is high time you moved to your own house? Opt for Citi Clean and make the owner happy. He will be pleased that you have let his house clean and with a fresh air, rather than dirty and bad smelling. End of tenancy cleaning is one of the most opted for service, because it is throughout cleaning, from rooms and furniture to all the electric appliances. Without being missed a spot, the whole property will be perfectly cleaned to the highest standards.

If you are wondering why your house will be turned upside down, here are some inside tips – the doors will be scrubbed, the pictures and mirrors will be cleaned off dust, the tiles will be cleaned with special liquids, the kitchen appliances will be cleaned with special solutions and so on and so forth. Citi Clean London’s teams not only clean the house in any little place, but they also do it at a reasonable price. They have fixed fees without hidden charges, they provide highly experienced workers and they have no charge for cleaning equipment and materials. Also, they do not have extra charges on weekends or holidays. Citi Clean is the best cleaning company in the region and you should confidently choose it even for your pre tenancy cleaning.

Train animals with love and patience!

Dressage is very hard and only talented people can do it! But, a person does not need only talent to be a tamer, he must love animals.

Any animal can be trained with love, patience and talent! Dressage is made only for a few people and most of them work at circus.

Circus is the place where people can see dozens of wild and domestic animals trained. It is amazing how can they listen to a person’s command and how can they do all that things.

A tamer can train any animal he wants, but despite everything he must love the animal because without love you can’t train him.

Many people are tended to say that dogs are easy to train, but they are completely wrong. Dressage is very hard even when it is about dogs. Even if they are domestic animals and even if they are considered a person best friend, owners and lovers of a dog can say how hard it is. For example, many owners haven’t trained their dog because they can’t do it. It doesn’t matter since you own your dog, if you aren’t made for this, you can’t train him.

Dogs’ dressage can start with „bait”. You can put them do something and you can get them with food lures.

But, let’s get serious about it! Now we will tell you some secrets (tricks) about dog dressage.

First, you need to choose a dog that fits perfectly your lifestyle. Do not get a strong dog if you are a sensible human and also our advice is to not get a strong dog if you aren’t a sportive person.

After that, you need to choose a right and properly name! Do not choose a long name and pay attention to choose one that is right for your dog (depending on his size or his lifestyle). When you are playing with your dog, you must use his name how often it is possible! In the beginning you have to use his name very often because only in this way he will learn it! After he learns his name you will see that he is looking at you when you use his name.  Now, after he learns his name you can use it during his training to maintain his attention to you. Do not forget to give him some treats when he is making something good and new! Praise your dog when he learns something new and a few times after that, because only in this way you can get to him! Learning is name is something to praise!

The training needs to be short! 30 minutes are already too much for him because dogs get bored easily than you! So, even if you try to teach him more than 20 minutes you will do nothing! But, the training doesn’t mean only these 20 minutes. It is forever until your dog learns everything! For example, if you try to train him to poop outside, you must keep an eye on him to get out every time he needs not only when you are training him!

There are a lot of things a tamer must learn, but do this in the beginning and you are on a good way!